Intersectionality and Feminism

Intersectionality is a term which refers to a multiple and interconnected with layers of existence and identity such as political, social, gender and also includes ranges from race, class, sexuality, culture and religion to one’s relationship to another. Thus, it offers a rich framework for contemplating with the world and others which indeed its analyses are so influential and indicate a strong perception for feminists to unwavering in commitment.

In fact, intersectionality has been displaced in the category of “women’ altogether. Theoretically, intersectionality has been emerged in term of Black feminism writings since the nineteenth century and continues to evolve into today by numerous women of colors.

An article in “Feminist Review” was published arguing against ‘triple oppression’ among the British Black Feminist (organisation of Women of African and Asian Descent (OWAAD) (Bryan, et. al, 1985). Before discussing to further recent research, it is important to sum up the original debate. Triple oppression notion was a claim for Black Women suffering from three different oppressions which is not clear in the OWAAD. On the other words, they suffer oppression as: Black, women and members of working classes.
An intersectional analyses was offered by African American Women since the nineteenth century and has laid a claim to U.S traditional scholar which began in the decades. Earlier scholarship of Black Women is not acknowledged and ignored which was not believed as priority. In fact, one argument against to there was no such thing suffering from oppression ‘as Black’ and ‘as women’. In the concrete of oppression, as a ‘ Black person’ is always intermeshed in social divisions such as gender, race, age, nationality, immigration, status and geography. It was felt the need by marginalised members as a reason of Black women which intersectionality analysis is known today ( Hardings, 1991).

In 1831, it was assumed by Maria Steward from a pamphlet publication that Black are inferior race while all Black women were called ‘the fair daughters of Africa’ – in union of supporting one another. In addition, Stewart also highlighted encouragement  of economical independence among the Black women, at the same period, Sojouner Truth fought for women’s suffarge; race issue and gender issue. Thus, ‘The Interrogation of truth categorized women notices her race and own lived experiences. And, she claimed that Black Women’s rights should be prioritized and asserts if colored  men get theirs rights, while women do not get theirs, there will be bad time about it which now comes out with Femen.


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Chinese Migrants in Australia

In the old days, migration is one of the reasons that Chinese do not accept due to the traditional of Chinese cultures. But, today the world has changed. Now few countries do not have a small number of ethnic Chinese population (Brown and Foot, 1994). In larger cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. Despite the higher educational level and better qualifications provided, the reason for this is because of the use of English where it is found significant for this world. Chinese migrants believe that leaving from the origin is a better choice for better life. 

From the 1990s, Chinese females increased the migration percentage of entering Australia as single immigrants (DIMIA, 2002). When women migrate, for too long, it was believed that they acted as dependant of males and started establishing male networks (Huang et al, 2000; Kelson and Delaet 1999; Pessar and Mahler 2001). Therefore, single women are assumed that they have surpassed the males of that. In addition, when women leaving back from Australia, they found it out that it is so uncomfortable and more reluctant to do so when they had a chance to do what they really wanted to. 

It simply relegated to the fear of loss of faces where they have faced many difficulties and that has become reason that they stay in Australia. Besides that, it has also become as escapism where they can get rid of social constraints placed on middle-aged single females. According to Min-Tze, Chinese men are so stubborn unlike the women who can be so flexible and they said that they cannot adapt themselves to new environments. And women claims that the men can just go back and marry younger women but women cannot. And, they cannot rely on their family when they face problems whereas the men can. Women have to rely on husband instead of burden to family.

It was said that they act like what the men do in terms of socialization and independence. In the past, the traditional Chinese culture was believed and ruled women of staying and doing house chores are what they should be doing. These movements of population involves goods, money, lifestyles and cultures. This is what it is being called diaspora when a large group of people who have similar heritage when since they move out to place all over the world. 


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Globalized Languages

When I was young, Chinese to me is Chinese. So, when you say Chinese, it has to be Chinese. But in today, it is no longer the same. For example, Korea songs are used to be listened by Korea people or those who understand Korea. But, now even Malaysians listen to it, whether you understand the lyrics are about doesn’t matter. There’s a good example which I found recently, Malaysia Chabor by Joyce Chu, a song that consists different languages. This song is created by a Malaysian youtuber and sang by Joyce Chu. It is about her life and people’s opinions toward her. The first sentence or lyrics from the song “Anyong Anyong Hassayo” which is Korean language, means hello as well as “Kasahamita” which stands for thank you.



This represents language of globalization where people can use languages to make a song; globalisation has been expanded massively which includes pop musics, news, advertsing, sports and entertainment.

Music has now globalized where you can listen to Korea songs, Indian songs or English song. What really makes it more globalized is that video music of songs can be used with fewer languages and cultures, features, dressing, designs can be mixed in. There’s where Hip-hop comes from which is called popular culture. In the old days, songs were written based on own cultures from mainland which does not include any other things about the outside such as Korea song, it has to be Korean language but now it can be mixed in with other language such as English. For me, language is one thing that I can describe as globalization.

Furthermore, news that we have been watching everyday on TV is no longer only localized but globalized which reports all over the world. For example, when the MAS flight incident happened, reporters from all over the world concern on this and it can be as it has been reporting this incident worldwide.In this point, English is the language used for reporting in general. In addition, advertising is also globalized where we can tell form Mcdonaldization; ads use English to promote so that it can be understood widely. One thing that says everything about globalization is the language used of technologies and environment such as google and Charles and Keith which its brochures used English.

All in all, everything around us is now globalized in forms of language, technologies, education and social communications.



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Muslims concern on stereotypes




In U.S and large Muslim-majority nations, Muslims are assumed as supportive terrorism despite the evidence to the contrary. In fact, there is proof that this common assumptions that Muslims are more likely hold the role of terrorism should be corrected. According to the empirical data, it demonstrates that people who are Muslims, who often going to the mosque for praying actually decrease the hold of violent extremism.

In 2007 Pew survey indicates that religious beliefs has nothing to do with the terrorism or extremism and yet found out that Muslim in America communities actually discourage radicalization which is to confront people who support terrorism, not letting them for going to mosque and ban the memberships of them. This is to inform that this could lead to these people from getting worse while mosque is a place where to educate the good instead of evils. International surveys also demonstrates that it is not accurate to predict a radical view from the religious piety among worldwide (Gallup 2007). 

Eighteen years old of one Muslim says that when he was in high school, he always tried to not say anything when his classmates assume that Muslims are supposedly the biggest terrorists in the world. Thus, Mohammad did not want to talk to those people, which demonstrates that how people perceived Muslims as negative stereotypes can affect social interactions. Even if people shows interest and respectful for Muslims, it is still that people always feel that the powerful of social dynamic works that non Muslims are reacting like, even if in America, being Muslims is still a kind of on the defensive side since 9/11 or before. Without the knowledge of Islam or Muslims, people have no idea on how to encounter the skewed perceptions towards Muslims. Therefore, stereotype allows associations between Muslims and terrorism taken as granted in public life of America. It is suggested that this issue can be addressed by associate them from wherever they arise such as working place, classrooms and dinning rooms to replace with more accurate representations of Muslims.


Moreover, in fact, there are numbers of Muslims complaining about the Feb 24 cartoon in the conservative Globe and Mail by writing up a letter to Canadian Human Rights Commission in Canada according to a businessman Jamal Hassan. there was also a second complaint on a series of articles about Islam by many Muslim. Therefore, the Canadians came out with workshops in Toronto to listen and took notes on the conference for topics: “Overcoming Negative Media in Television and Newsprint” and “Islam and Media/Responsibility and accountability” which trying to reach a greater society in Canada.

However, the media has to educate in ensuring accuracy to reach out the community for improvement of matters. 


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Disney Princess Effect

disney characters  1


Every children has to watch Disney movie regardless of what cultures and races; which are commonly a must thing that the parents allow children to watch. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Alice in the wonderland and other famous Disney princess movies are the movies that the majority of parents let their children absorb the knowledge as a way of education that it is assumed these movies are the right ones for the children.

Indeed, there are six popular Disney princess movies have impacted on young girls in society for many years which it is not obvious to be seen. In the research, the princess effect was demonstrated that it has an impact on the mentality growth of young girls which parents today have to worry about such as self-esteem, self-image, depression and eating disorders. Princess effect teaches young girls today to focus on more beauty and body shapes rather than emotionally and mentally strong. Based on the historically research, the characters of Disney movies have changed from the 1930’s which recreates new cultures, know as popular culture.

The Disney princess movies has a significant point of view of gender roles and stereotypes which affects the children’s perspectives (Graves 1999). For example, Cinderella, a girl who is happily living after with the charming princess who met in the ball, indicates that a hard working is not a condition for a princess to find Mr. Right, it has to be a beautiful girl with well dressed to find her prince. Moreover, it shows that a girl should stay in home and do all those domestic chores and should she put all the focus on dreaming on looking for an ideal prince to get married. On other words, it affects how females view their roles in the world. In this movie, it also teaches that a girl doesn’t need to be knowledgeable and be awaited for the right man to marry.

Another example, Beauty and the Beast is a good indication which proves its effects on young girls. This movie imparts young girls to be patient and accept an abusive and a beast as Mr. Right which as a means that a girl can accept abusive characteristic as her behalf. In addition, in 1937, Snow white cleaned, cooked and fulfilled the needs of men is what women had to do in the past.

Damsel distress portrays girls need to take care of their own to survive which is actually not true that in females eyes, having someone you love and taken care by him which indicates young girls has to need a man rather than teaching to be strong and independent women. This kind of stereotypes has mistaken on young girls’ perspectives who think that ugly, fat and old are always the evil ones which learned by children’s brain by watching these movies. Besides that, parents have to worry on eating disorders from the youth where they think skinny, slim, and beauty can be able to find their prince.

All in all, researchers and Disney movie producer or creators have to be concerned on the characters it should be used for the coming Disney productions.


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You are a journalist

Giving a voice to the voiceless is now brought up as a trend of social media where people, formal or informal journalists, comment, talk and share about a particular thing or issue while press are mediated (Franklin, 2009). It is now no longer a habit for people to read up the newspaper and search information of an issue or news, which is now sometimes to be decided for the choices of obtaining information around the world and leaving traditional journalism behind as the rapid growth of Internet hit the world. Despite the change of technology, citizens play a role of its changes from media convergence that in fact it indicates a new way of processing news by participations (Kolodzy, 2006). Citizen participation, or citizen journalism is labelled by the processing from collecting, reporting, analysing and spreading news and information from a group of people who are in involved in an event with advance technology provided widely.

According to Peter Dooley, citizen journalism is a place for emerging phenomenon whereas journalists who has been practised for profession as traditional journalism. On the other words, citizen journalism is the people who are not having professional training in journalism and use the social media tools as a platform to provide news such as blogs, forums, video and photographs. 

An argument was stated that the outside looking in is for traditional journalism, the inside looking out is for citizen journalism (Dooley,2008). There was a good example for demonstration as proof for Dooley’s argument that the Jamaica’s three-free-air CVM television, it allows convenience for people to send and share reports through I-Watch report segments of events and activities. Since eighteeth century, citizen journalism existed as a new form of journalism by accessing to media communication tools to make their opinion heard widely- voices to the voiceless. Referring to the research, substantial changes have been found in social, economic affairs and political in the year 2001 of the incident of 9/11.

Indeed, some valuable content could be found through emails, chat groups, personal web journals- those all provided by informal journalists while the professionals could not provide (Gillmor,2004). Nevertheless, it shapes the scope of journalism where it is now available to the new scopes, general, politics, economy, crime, sports and entertainment. For example, all these scopes of journalism were covered within its own country but it is worldwide. It was a greatly supportive example that the New York, Wall Street Journals, provides information about the Malaysia’s politics where Prime Minister Mahatir Mohammad was confident to preserve his own two-thirds majority in parliament seats because of some ethics issues from parties yet it explained further of reason for reforming PAS, the Islamic party, by Anwar to proves its ability of governing control of the country in the 1980s and 1990s. In addition, BBC Monitoring Asia Pacific from London reported that Anwar Ibrahim, PKR is confident that it is able to deliver 25-30 parliament seats. It was clearly shown that its text reports are to credit MalaysiaKini website as a proof that change in political has led to the scope of new journalism.

All in all, citizen journalism is a part of need in journalism where it has to be needed to refer and gain more feedback or information that is taken by the people who are involved in an event while the professionals might not be able to capture or collect some particular or detailed information that the informal journalists have. With the advent of technology, it allows more accessibility through Internet to an event of collecting information or news from the outside and inside. However, Internet is the key for journalism in today. 




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Verbatim theatre is defined as a form of documentary which is interviewing people about a particular topic or event. It can possibly be created by anyone but mostly are the professionals who are actors, writers, journalists, politicians and lawyers. This form of drama creation is a way where people are interviewed and precise spoken from what it was experienced of a particular issue or event and even a about a festival. On the other words, it was described by verbatim practitioners that it is a theatre created by interviewing people, that connects with real life people about an event or a subject and the people will be portrayed by the actors for a play in way of expressing what the real story of experience that the people have gone through. In addition, director Nicholas Kent for London Road assumes that it is a scripted play and directed through every word is spoken.

According to Nadia Fall from the Home, it was claimed that words spoken are put together and make a drama or a play on stage to indicate the story for the audience in a way of delivering an extraordinary event or a meaningful experience. Furthermore, it was narrated by the right connection with the people’s way of life in the world where it can be a public imagination; it reveals the things of you, in a place, a thing or a particular person that which are completely natural.
In creating a verbatim theatre, it includes a number of professionals to create a surprise verbatim theatre such as a writer. A writer generates a dialogue for a play that will be used on stages, the languages, the way it delivers to the public or audiences, and the way it can demonstrate the personality of an actor for the play.
Back in the 1990s, verbatim theatre was a great way that reaches the peaks in Britain and United States that this has been mainstream around the world that some of the practitioners stated that it was so greatly influenced to be remembered and proves that they are practically brilliant who generates a creative way of interviews where it can reproduced in tape or a play. Nevertheless, it raises awareness of political issues and an influence of policy change. for example, Get Real: Documentary Theatre (2009) which confronts a new socio political realities, edited by Alison Forsyth and Chris Megson that has led to a surprising performance style that includes working and intervening mode in varied sites of productions.

London Road Interview

London Road Musical

However, the London Road, an experiment in live art, which is a crime that happened in a small community that its words transformed in to a song in the play. It was claimed by the London Road is like something that you never heard before. What specializes London road is that Suffolk accent was transformed from the interview’s speech into a song which also differentiates it from the other plays. Moreover, this play not only is a song cycle than a cohesive musical, yet it has more than 62 characters performing on the stage which is a surprise hit in Britain National Theatre. Therefore, art was then an important form for journalism to be committed in artists or plays during the 1990s till now, especially with the large exhibitions which are interested in and more concerned by the majority and public (Kassel 1997). This indeed proves an actual importance that art and cultures are a part of the journalism and are widely used through any projects that is needed for a production; where arts and cultures can be a combination and a bring-together to create interaction with public and media.




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Takei’s Take: Describing about how the technologies and new media take over the old version of fact publications; where and how the news are and generated from.

It is so true and undeniable that Internet has been great component of the public sphere where commenting system thus update by the advanced technologies. Although it brings a huge impact on positivity of collection of news or facts, it has its downsides that the Internet has shaped the traditional of journalism where it was to be found news on print media and advertisements. By understanding this statement, it reveals a point of view in advancement of the country as a proof that the country is improving and no longer uses the mother nature in a way of publishing news on print media.

However, according to theory from Habermas (1989), by having the advanced technologies as a boost for journalism, public sphere is now considered as a site of social interaction between audiences, media and publics. Its critical-rational discourse informs the public opinion which represents a realm of our social life where can be reached approaching comments from public neither politics nor society. A number of scholars envisioned that the Internet has made democratic political issues more by individuals comments or opinion to make sound decision. In addition, a radial change has been found from recent technology in organising information production which controlled by networked public sphere that provides greater engagement (Benkler 2006).


There are models are pointed that the Internet – democracy rhetoric and practice demonstrates that the Internet is now a potential tool for connecting citizens to a controversy of public and political information which been a link to the election in a way of expression in decision, to unite the individuals of spirit and values as an enhancement, and also an extension of  a public sphere for debate (Dahberg 2007a). In this point, declining of advertising occurs which influences the industry of journalism. For instance, the latest election in Malaysia, the election day of Malaysia which shows a huge quantity of entering the most successful social networking site, Facebook as a site from which public obtains and receives information. It was obvious that people got election information from the Internet instead of print media though it was still a source to public but no longer the main source.

Content organization is now shaped and recreated in a way of social life where people use its as daily routine which is creating visualization system. Readers or users provide snapshot of ongoing debates. Picture below is one of them which represents the new generation of journalism where leads a vast amount of comments.

anwaribrahimSource; assessed at

From the picture edited above, it is not something that people would edit it for criticism but for the fun of commenting which indicates a proof that it can be extensive length of comments from social networking sites- the capacity of Internet for journalism while journalism is now defined as blogs, comments and word tags. Every word of the world or public could be an influence for the journalism field to the necessity of obtaining information for publication. All in all, innovation is the key for the future journalism.


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Public Sphere: Journalism and Popular Culture


Source: Olivia’s Journalism Blog, accessed at 

Nowadays journalism has no longer using the media scape as a way of learning the society but it has become an important media element that provides people information and incomplete view of the world around them. The key is that journalism now has been mixed with the society’s media that consists distinctions of news, analysis, opinion and entertainment.

The meaning of journalism today has become a hand of media audience as it could not be explained to what counts as journalism. Journalism was used to be answered as singular that the blogging was not counted as journalism but this point is now changed. In fact, journalists are not the decision makers but the media audiences who deals with the distinctions.

How does the journalism infuse popular culture? How do audiences differentiate these two forms?

From a point of view that the consumption of popular from journalists influences how audiences see the world, whether audiences perceive as harmony in what is being reported or in opposition to them. What is being reported or posted from journalists depend on the experiences of their that how the audiences understand and interpret the situation or news. On the other words, journalists can be defined as media producers and media audiences. Therefore, it has been once believed that neither journalism or popular culture is as important as the role of producers and audiences.

Predictably, it is not what journalists say but the beliefs of audiences that matter most in today’s or it is not what the beliefs are but the mixture of journalism and popular culture in minds of audiences.

Do people believe in what the journalists say or the audiences?

It is no longer to be believed that journalists’ say was all right which indicates that how the blurring of news content and feedback from the audiences have an impact in journalism field. A news that a man whose wife told the police that her husband was in a plan of committing suicide, and succeeded pursued down to the highway that where a police car located near by and he drove his car to the truck in an attempt of suicide. This was found in the short news intern which actually raised topics and comments on the web page among readers. Some are concerned of the issue from highway speed limit to the safety of truck which can be a misunderstanding of the situation. Did people do these simply as an entertainment which creates topics to discuss on online? How did this such discussion can be the influence of audiences’ views?

In addition, a larger consequences are found that the news organisations reduce the intake of journalists in order to providing better information and analysis of situations as cutting back their staff and operations while audiences have an impact on revenues. In conclusion, audiences are now a big role in journalism. No longer a journalist to do the reporting, but in some ways audiences do better for the job.


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Do you know about April?

Peace Out!

Peace Out!

That’s me!

Let’s do it in question way!

What is your name?
Name April, Full name is Moo Khai Mun. *people always make fun of my name, it’s either play with MOO or April* Yes, that’s right! April is my name and I’m proud of it! *peace out*

Is April your birth month?
ohhh again I have to answer this question. Well, April is just my name and there’s nothing to do with my birth month. I was born in February. Say Hi to February babies! 😛

When is your birthday?
The second day of February! 020202020202020202 – There goes my lucky number! Twoooo 😀

How YOUNG are you?
Well, to be honest, I’m not so YOUNG but still I think I am young haha. Age 23 in 2014.

What are your hobbies?
I’m so excited to tell you that I’m a badminton player 😀 I play at least once in a week time. Join me if you are too! And, I read. Reading is my thing to do when I don’t have anything to do so I think it’s my hobby as well? I’m interested in reading those self-improvement or self-help books. *I have quite some these books in my shelves and they’re new haha*

Are you a fan of something or someone?
Hmm. Fan of something? I think I was. A fan of Twilight! *high five you are too* I have got all four books and I watched the movies too. Aww romance. Anyway, I’m not a fan of the people, Edward, Bella or Jacob *though Jacob has good body* I’m recently very into someone, she is a youtube star who lives in L.A. I love her I would say. I watch her video almost like everyday because I think that she is the only ‘smiley’ Youtuber. Her smile melts me indeed. The way she talks and the way she acts is just amazing. What insipires me that is her confidence. Check her out at
By the way, I like Mickey.*you can see many things that I owned is Mickey, such as my phone case!* Well, probably most of the disney cartoons I would say.

Do you play any Music Instrument?
Yessss, I do. Surprisingly, I’m a beginner cellist *big violin to describe it if you don’t know* People often ask why I chose cello instead of violin when it seems to suit me better in size. I’m actually inspired by The Piano Guys, A Thousand Years. And, honestly, I always would choose somehing that people usually would not. *weirdo i know right* And, yes I do have my cello. The biggest thing I have owned and I call it my baby. hahahaha

Do you cook? What are your favorite food and drink?
Yes! I love cooking. I enjoy the moment when you cook your delicious and healthy meals but only chinese dishes. Serving dinner for the family is what I often do whe I’m on semester break. Asam Laksa of course because I’m Malaysian 😛 and fruit juice! I crazily love fruit juices- it is the the big drink in the world; healthy and refreshing! Because of that, I purposely bought the juices home! Yay! hehe *Slurp*

What do you do when you are free? hang out? Movie? housechores?
Oh NO PLEASE. I hate doing laundry and don’t know why. I like going out alone or with brunch of friends but I love and enjoying chit-vhatting with the buddies. My time, yea it’s my time. Movie is what I love going for. Going to the threate cheers me up when I’m down especially the animation movie! Frozen? Mr.Peabody and Sherman? aww there are my favorite, the best thing to do.

What kind of person you are? Description of April?
HAHAHA. I love to laugh and I love making people laugh as well. The best feeling ever and I repeat doing it everyday! it’s just gotta be everyday everyday. People ask if I’m on silent mode, so hahah I’m just meant to laugh. I’m a cheerful girl I would say. Oops but not that girly girly type I am. I just can’t be. I love making friends lots of friends around me makes me feel good. *Thumbs up* Anyhow, my buddies call me a crazy woman. I just get really crazy sometimes where I can laugh for nothing. I get crazy when I’m in a very good mood sometimes. *I admit I’m just playful* 😛

Of course, I still have my serious and caring side. *so shy to say this* oops I hope they(buddies) not reading this or I would have been kiled cause they just can’t find SHY in me. I become very serious when I’m extremely focus on my work or task that it’s better for people to leave me alone because you don’t hope a bomb to explore hahaha. I love enjoying heart to heart with the friends (whenever you are stressed out, go to your buddies, they will save you). No friends, no life! hahaha
I’m outgoing and easygoing, not a calculative *it’s just so tiring to calculate anything* I do not have any comments on what people being or how people react until someone crosses my line who shows me no respect which I can’t stand. I’m a NEW people; going to the new things, people, places and experiences. One thing, I do not hate people. Never ever. What’s more to tell? Leave a message to me and I’ll tell 😀 *comments are welcomed*

What are the things people might or do not know?
I’m addicted to ENGLISH. Everything that comes to language priority is has to be English such as songs, books and movies. And the English accent! That’s my love. Whoever I found speaks good English, I actually so ‘attached’ to their speaking which is what I have always wanted to learn. In fact, I couldn’t speak or communicate with people in English four years ago and surprsingly more than or approximately ten thousand ringgit to be spent on doing English courses in ELS Language Centre and Bristih Council. Yea, I’ve got my IELTS test which is my saver for me to doing this course. This period of time changes me in another person where I now have to confidence to speak up *though my speaking is still bad 😦 but I will not give up* This learning time what I really did on the daily is study and study, it was all time English (I anti all chinese that time so that I can learn better).

Another best memory of my life was in National Service. Yea, I joined the National Service. A good lesson for my life which now I do not ever afraid of doing anything. I started play roller coaster after I was out from N.S. because of Flying Fox. Good friends, good memories- what could I ask for more.

If you are reading this, we are buddies! 😀

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April Moo
Inti Student
UOW Bachelor of Communication and media studies